Celebrating 10years of IGBO culture in the diaspora.

In the Diaspora, we have Ibo communities, and other Ibo socio-cultural organizations whose leadership is always chosen by election which has a life span of not more than three years. The EZEIGBO however is a position that is retained by the reigning monarch till death.

This makes it easier for the king to actualize long term programmes and visions that will enrich the life of his people.

One thing that brings the Ibo people together is tradition because every Ibo man loves tradition. An Ibo man might not want to associate with the communities or socio-cultural organizations but will rally round the EZEIGBO because he sees the throne as a rallying point for custom and tradition. Programmes like the Igbo day where traditions and cultures of the various Igbo communities are displayed will cause reflections in the mind of the people and help pull them closer to their people and from there the children will learn by asking questions. The palace is a place where people can gather and speak the Igbo language freely as it brings people together, it makes easier for interaction even among our children which might lead to longer lasting relationships like marriages.



My Story

My name is His Royal Majesty Eze (Dr) Ambassador Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu, Eze Ohazurume 1, Eze Ndi Igbo Ghana. I was born in Umudoroha, Amaigbo Nwangele Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria. The name of my father is Nze Chief Emmanuel Ihenetu, he is a retired teacher. My mother is called Lolo Eugenia Ihenetu, she is a business woman. I have seven brothers and one sister. I am the third born of the family and the second son. I had my primary school at Township primary School, Nsujaba, Imo state. I attended Comprehensive Secondary School Nsujaba for my junior secondary school education and proceeded to Government Technical School Owerri, Imo stateI am still pursuing a course in Political Science from the Lagos State University.

I came to Ghana as a businessman in 1995; I was bringing goods like spare parts, calculators and other things. When I discovered that Ghana was conducive and a good business environment, I decided to settle in Ghana. I got married in 1998 to Liberty Quarnoo. After my marriage, I started registering my businesses here. My company is called Chi-bert Group of Companies, a combination of my name – Chucks and that of my wife Betty -. Under the group, I have Chi-bert Ltd, Chi-bert Transport, Chi-bert Mother Care, Chi-bert Farms, Chi-bert Aluminum and West Coast Entertainment. Others are,Chi-bert Oil West Africa and Spakwest (dealing in telecommunication towers and high tension towers). By God’s grace I have been able to acquire properties here in Ghana.

I have three children, two girls and a boy.

History Repeating itself.

I am from the same linage as King Jaja of Opobo. King Jaja of Opobo was born by Okwuru ozurumba who had six children and King Jaja was the fifth child. His real name was ‘Ji ojoo asi na eji eze amaya’ he was the elder brother to my great grandfather who was called Eze Ala, who was the last child of Okwuru Ozurumba. Jaja was not sold into slavery as history will want us to believe, he was kidnapped when he went to fetch fire wood and sold to the Portuguese. He is of the same blood as me and God made him a king over the Opobos, the same way God has elevated me and made me the king over the Igbos in Ghana several decades after.

Being the king is a blessing but also a burden because a lot of things are involved I have to carry the problem of the people and try to solve it. However, I have been carrying these problems and challenges of the people before becoming Eze, so it is a blessing and I thank God for that.

I was crowned Eze Ndi Igbo Ghana on 30th August, 2012 by President of Presidents of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo in Diaspora, Chief (Sir) Oliver Akubueze.

As part of the ongoing development of the wellbeing of the Igbo nation in Ghana, His Royal Majesty Eze (Dr) Chucks Ihenetu in December 2013 installed sub-chiefs and elders.

The colorful ceremony took place in his Palace with dignitaries from far and near attending.

Royal Council Members I Eze Udos & Palace Chiefs

High Chief Okechukwu Emebolu

Onowu Ndigbo - Ghana

High Chief Harrison Kalu Mba

Chief of Staff - Eze Igbo GH.

Chief Cosmos Ikechukwu Iwuala

Dikeigbogiejemba 1 - GH.

Hon. Chief Isaac Chigbata J.

Ome-Udo Ndigbo - GH.

Eze Samuel Ekezie

Eze Udo - Sempe

Eze Kenedy Ginikanwa

Eze Udo - La Nkwantanan

Eze Chuma Okaigbo

Eze Udo - Adontenman

Eze Anyin Victor

Eze Udo - Aflao, Ghana.

Eze Goodluck Otada

Eze Udo Elect - Ayawaso Traditional Area.

Eze Dr. Chinedu Kingsley JP.

Eze Udo -Elect.
Oganihu 1 -Central Region

Eze Dr. Tony Ulasi - Okudaa

Eze Udo - Dome-Kwabenya
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